IHSS Regulations

How to: Request a State Hearing & Request for Review

Requesting a fair hearing is pretty simple and there are several ways this can be done. All you have to do is say you want one. It is always best to ask for the hearing in writing. You should keep a copy of the request and make very clear that...Read More

Rehearing Review Process/Protocols

If you've been denied IHSS and you believe the decision was unfair, inadequate, legally and/or factually incorrect, the first step to appeal the decision is to request a rehearing. The Rehearing Review Protocols document provides you with an overview of the laws governing the rehearing review process that...Read More

IHSS Regulations - Social Services Standards Manual of Policies and Procedures

Finding IHSS regulations on CDSS website can be a cumbersome task. Chapter 30-700 of the "Social Services Standards Manual" contains just about everything you need to know about the state's In-Home Supportive program...Read More

Proposed Budget Would Reduce IHSS for 254,000 People

Governor Brown proposes to eliminate domestic and related care services for most IHSS participants living with others, a change that would affect...

Release: Expansion of Managed Care for Medicare Medi-Cal “Dual-Eligible”

The Brown Administration yesterday released proposed budget related legislative language that would provide authorization to expand an existing effort to move hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and seniors eligible for...